Investment Professionals

Quality investing starts with a solid foundation – our people. Our portfolio managers are seasoned investment professionals with a strong background in academic achievement. We specialize in a distinct segment of the capital markets and conduct bottom-up, fundamental research of high quality stocks and bonds.

This has been the consistent focus over our company’s history and continues to define our competitive advantage. The collective experience and skill of our professionals combined with the strict adherence to our investment principles has helped us navigate all types of market landscapes to make investment decisions that deliver consistency without compromise.

Seasoned Professionals

  • 14 investment professionals, averaging 28 years of industry experience

Specialized Investment Niche

  • Our equity teams seek to invest in stocks with a demonstrated history of consistent growth and stability in earnings
  • Our fixed income strategies emphasize bonds with stable and predictable cash flows, and low credit and event risk

Our Interests are Aligned with Clients

  • Compensation is tied to both investment performance and the overall performance of the firm