Quality is our Commitment

Atlanta Capital believes that you can’t deliver consistent quality without practicing it. Every day and in every way. That’s why we maintain an uncompromising approach to picking high quality investments that we trust will deliver long-term results for our clients.

We seek to invest in companies with a demonstrated history of consistent growth and stable earnings. In fixed income, we emphasize securities with stable and predictable cash flows, and low credit and event risk. We strive to provide this consistency as an asset to our clients for their investment needs. It’s part of our commitment to lasting relationships and long-term growth.

Going Beyond Market Cap

Equity portfolios are commonly diversified by collecting large cap or small cap stocks with different characteristics (value, core, or growth). This process is also associated with the typical “nine-square box” shown to investors. The theory behind this approach claims stock size and style characteristics strongly determine equity returns, and may reduce risk when combined within a portfolio.

Our research finds that ignoring quality and investing solely by capitalization and style is unwise. In fact, the quality of an individual stock tends to have a significant influence on an investor’s risk and return characteristics, and has historically been a stronger factor than stock size or style alone.


Finding and Measuring Quality

High quality stocks are seen as possessing consistent earnings growth and modest debt, and above average returns on invested capital. Companies with these financial characteristics typically have seasoned management teams and strong competitive positions in their key markets. Low quality stocks, on the other hand, are typically those with erratic or highly cyclical earnings, heavy debt burdens, and poor returns on capital. These companies tend to be smaller, have less effective managers, weaker market positions, and have shorter track records than higher quality companies.


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